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by on July 28, 2023

To be able to swim in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you’ll need to unlock the flippers to be able to travel through water. It’s a relatively lengthy quest, but one that’s a lot of fun, giving you a taste of some of the puzzles and also leading you into another quest where you’ll learn how to repair things with Strawberry Crates. We’ll show you exactly how to unlock flippers in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, and get you in the water in no time.

Power up the Gate

The first big quest in Hello Kitty Island Adventure is ‘Power up the Gate.’ This is the first step to gaining your flippers. There are four pre-requisites that need completing, which are:

  • Collect 3 sticks
  • Reach friendship level 2 with Badtz-maru
  • Reach friendship level 2 with Tuxedosam
  • Reach friendship level 2 with Pochacco

Sticks are located everywhere on the island, so just go searching. You only need three which is more than achievable. In order to build friendship levels with the three residents, you’ll already be halfway there thanks to the quest given by Hello Kitty where she provides you with gifts for them. The next step will be a case of seeing what they like by checking the ‘Friends’ tab in the menu, or clicking on the present icon when in close vicinity with them.

Craft the crystal sensor

After reaching friendship level 2 with Badtz-maru, Tuxedosam, and Pochacco, head to the crafting table in the upper right area of the map unlocked so far (open up the map and look for Chococat’s icon) and craft the crystal sensor. To be able to craft it, you’ll need the three sticks and the three magnets (which were gifted by the three friends). Chococat will then tell you about three yellow power crystals that are scattered across the island. In order to find them, equip the crystal sensor. It will pulse with the yellow power crystal icon if you’re close.

The three yellow power crystals

The first one is close by to the left of Chococat’s cabin, behind a locked door that just needs you to stand on one of the pink sensors outside. The door will open and you’ll be able to walk inside and complete your first puzzle. Pick up the gold crate and place it on the purple pad. This will create a bridge for you to walk across. There’s a golden crate with a stamina apple slice inside, and to to the left is a climbable wall. Climb up and pick up the first yellow power crystal.

The second is located across the broken bridge between Hello Kitty Cafe and Small Gift Big Smile. Fix the bridge (click here for how to do that), and head across. After My Melody talks to you about visitor cabins, head to the right of the bridge where you just walked across and you’ll see the second yellow power crystal. Grab it and find the final one.

Head back to the main area and follow the path that takes you to the left of both Hello Kitty and Tuxedosam’s shops. You’ll then see another big door that can be opened by clicking on it. Inside is another puzzle that has two golden crates and four pressure pads. Place one gloden crate on the turqouize pad, opening up a stairway to grab the second golden crate. Pick it up and place it on one of the purple pads, then get the other golden crate from the pad that opened up the stairway and place it on the second purple pad. This will now open the door for you to pick up the third and final yellow power crystal.

Head to the Inner Sanctum

To open the gate that leads to the Inner Sanctum, travel to Chococat’s cabin and venture a little bit further right. There’s a huge gate you’ll need to interact with. After you’ve done this and met a character which I won’t spoil here, you’re free to enter the Inner Sanctum and meet up with Keroppi. Follow the path to the left, up some white steps, left again, and up the mountainside where there’s a wooden ladder. Now the mist will have cleared and you’ll be at Lilypad Lagoon.

Craft the flippers

After giving Keroppi his welcome gift, he’ll give you a recipe to craft flippers. To get you on your way, Keroppis will provide the fins. You’ll just need to find a strap, but there’s one on the pier right near you in a wooden crate. Once you have the strap, go back to the crafting table at Chococat’s cabin and craft them. Well done, you’re now able to swim in Hello Kitty Island Adventure!

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