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by on July 28, 2023

With so many cute residents already on the island, Hello Kitty Island Adventure is already a bustling place filled with friendship. However, there’s room for even more friends. It’s a rather straightforward quest in order to invite visitors, and in our Hello Kitty Island Adventure guide, we’ll show you exactly what you need to do in order to gain a bigger population.

Furnishing with Friends

This quest will unlock naturally as part of the ‘Power up the Gate’ questline. After making your way through the first puzzle in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, head to the route between Hello Kitty CafĂ© and Small Gift Big Smile. You’ll find a broken bridge that can’t be crossed. Chococat will inform you that you’ll need to speak with My Melody as she’ll help you repair the bridge. By visiting her in her shop, all those Strawberry Crates you’ve been collecting actually help you rebuild and repair things scattered across the island.

Repair the bridge

If you haven’t already, collect two Strawberry Crates and give them to My Melody. Head to the broken bridge and you’ll be able to repair the bridge and head to a new area called Rainbow Reef. Once there, she’ll show you a visitor cabin that requires a further three Strawberry Crates to fix. If you have them already, great! If not, just go and find some more. Once you’ve got them, click on the sign outside the cabin and My Melody will help you repair it.

Start decorating!

After you’ve fixed the new cabin, head back to My Melody at her shop and she’ll inform you about Dear Daniel, Hello Kitty’s boyfriend and a future visitor. My Melody explains that all visitors require certain conditions in order to visit. For Dear Daniel, all he needs is to have a cabin near Hello Kitty, and three items of furniture in the cabin. You’re all good with the location at Rainbow Reef as it is near Hello Kitty, and as for the three pieces of furniture, you can use anything you’ve already found or just buy something from My Melody’s shop. Once you have decorated with the three items of furniture, return to My Melody and let her know.

Wait for their arrival

This might differ depending on who’s arriving, but for us, Dear Daniel arrived the day after we had prepared his home. When you next login, My Melody will inform you that your visitor has arrived. You can then go and speak to them and they might give you a gift, or you can pick up a special quest from the notice board next to My Melody’s shop. The main way to get people visiting is to finish this quest, then you’ll be able to use strawberry crates to repair cabins, check your ‘Visitors’ tab in the menu to see what prerequisites for visitors are, and start preparing.

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